9th Annual International Student Conference of the Cold War History Research Center at the HAS Centre for Social Sciences and Corvinus University of Budapest

March 13, 2018

Call for Papers from BA, MA and Doctoral Students

The Cold War History Research Center is now accepting proposals for its 9th Annual International Student Conference to be held at Corvinus University of Budapest (Közraktár utca 4-6. room C 510), on June 4-5th, 2018.

The conference will be organized in collaboration with the European Institute at Columbia University, New York.

As was the case with previous conferences, this year’s Conference will focus also on the Cold War era in general, and on the post-Cold War period.

Possible topics may include (but are not limited to) the following sections:

  • Hungary in the Cold War
  • East Central Europe in the Cold War and its Aftermath
  • Western Europe and the Cold War
  • The Soviet Union and the United States in the Cold War
  • Asia and Africa in the Cold War and its Aftermath
  • International Relations during the Cold War
  • International Relations in the post-Cold War era

Please send the Cold War History Research Center an abstract on any of the above mentioned topics. Abstracts should be approximately 3000–5000 characters long and should be sent in Word format via email to Research Coordinator, PhD candidate Tsotne Tchanturia: [email protected]

The deadline for proposal submission is: April 30th, 2018.

Selected participants will be asked to make a 20-minute presentation at the conference; a written paper is not a requirement.

The Cold War History Research Center is a virtual center for Cold War history research in East Central Europe and through the Center’s web site (www.coldwar.hu), established in 2000, their mission is to become the main provider of freely available English language online materials concerning research on contemporary history of the former Soviet Bloc countries.

In 2017, the Center finalized publishing of their extensive Chronology of the Soviet Bloc (1945–1991) which is accessible on their web site. They have also published the online version of an edited volume collecting the best papers of their student conferences from 2010 to 2016: Students on the Cold War: New findings and interpretations. (A similar volume will be published in 2019 based on the papers of the conferences in 2017– 2019.) CWHRC’s other recent publications include: Bibliography of New Cold War History, Documentary Evidence on the Hungarian Mediation Efforts between the US and the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (1965-1967), French Diplomatic Documents on the 1956 Hungarian Revolution.

For the program of previous conferences and for more information about the Center and its internship program, please visit their website or contact Tsotne Tchanturia at the email address above.