Language Requirement

In addition to fulfilling the Curriculum requirements, students must demonstrate advanced proficiency in a European language other than English by the time they submit their thesis.

The language requirement can be fulfilled in several ways:

  • Earning a degree at an institution where the language of study is a European language other than English
  • Passing a proficiency exam as set by the respective language departments at Columbia University (more information below)
  • Completing a 3000-level language course at Columbia University

In all cases, the student must inform the Associate Director of their plans.

Language Proficiency Exams

Please note that proficiency exams are generally offered by language departments at the beginning of each semester. It is the student's responsibility to review these dates and register for the exam as necessary. In the case that the language department does not have set exam dates, the student should contact the Associate Director to coordinate an exam.

The following are examples of languages that have set exam dates: