Students can use the European History, Politics, and Society Checklist to track their degree progress. Students who entered in Fall 2013 or earlier and have not elected the current requirements should view the Pre-2013 (LSMA) Requirements.

Students are encouraged to meet regularly with the MA Faculty Advisor, who can help with:

  • Tracking their progress toward the MA degree.
  • Planning for their thesis or identifying a thesis advisor.
  • Getting approval for courses not already on the Pre-Approved Courses list.
  • Advising on post-graduation academic or career planning.

Program Requirements

Students must complete 2 Residence Units at Columbia University.

The MA program requires a minimum of 30 graduate-level credits distributed across 9 courses, which must include:

  • The two-semester European Studies Colloquium (8 credits)
  • A four-course concentration in humanities or social sciences (12-16 credits)
  • Two electives (6-8 credits)
  • A Master's thesis (4 credits)

The six courses taken to fulfill the concentration or as electives must include:

  • One course with Europe-wide scope or on European relations with other regions
  • Courses on at least two different European countries or subregions
  • At least two seminars or colloquia


The humanities concentration consists of courses in architecture, art history, film, history, literature, music, philosophy, religion, and theater arts. The social science concentration can be fulfilled by courses in anthropology, economics, law, history, international and public affairs, political science, and sociology.

Language Requirement

In addition to the course requirements, students must demonstrate advanced proficiency in a European language other than English by the time they submit their thesis. The language requirement can be fulfilled by passing an exam, completing a 3000-level language course, or earning a degree at an institution where the language of study is a European language other than English. Please view the Language Requirement page for more information.

One 4000-level language course may count toward the MA program's 30-credit requirement. Lower-level language courses are not eligible.

Approved Courses

  • All courses must be at the 4000 level or higher, and be approved by the MA Faculty Advisor. Please review the list of Pre-Approved Courses and consult the MA Faculty Advisor when in doubt.
  • Courses taken pass/fail or for R credit (auditing) cannot count toward the program requirements.
  • Some 3000-level history courses may be taken for graduate credit as HIST G6999.
  • Students may take up to two courses not specifically on Europe provided the final course project is on a European topic.
  • Students may also receive credit for some courses taken through New York University’s Center for European and Mediterranean Studies. Contact the Associate Director about taking classes at NYU.