Thesis Grants

To encourage original, substantial research, the European Institute offers grants to students who want to conduct thesis research in Europe. These grants are available only to students in the European History, Politics, and Society program.

The thesis grants may be used for travel expenses and research expenses such as library fees and copying. A variety of projects are eligible, including library and archival research and field work. This happens during the winter, spring, or summer breaks.

The application process begins in the fall and is announced through the European Studies Colloquium and the European History, Politics, and Society's mailing list. A version of the thesis prospectus is the main component of the application.

Note: Students whose original research includes work with human subjects are required to obtain Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval. Such approval is also an eligibility requirement for the European Institute's Research & Travel Grants. More information can be found on the Columbia Research page Human Research Protection Office and IRBs.

Students must also register their travel itinerary, personal contact information, and emergency contacts using the International SOS MyTrips travel registry.


Past Recipients of Thesis Grants

Sunny Chen: Virtual research support

Adam Frick: Virtual research support

Nick Cohen: Virtual research support

Ayana Dootalieva: Virtual research support

Max Ferrer: Virtual research support

Quinn Shepherd: Research in France and Italy

Charlotte Waldraff: Research in Germany

Andrew Carroll: Research in Belgium

Ben Diehl: Research in Germany

Ian Donnellan: Research in Germany

Marc Dorpema: Research in United Kingdom and Netherlands

Edoardo Vaccari: Research in Italy

Ben Walsh: Data collection research

Yuri Yazakov: Research in France

Melissa Bosem: Research in Ukraine

Ryan Conley: Research in Ukraine

Marisa Henderson: Research in Senegal

Kevin Lavery: Research in Netherlands and the United Kingdom

Joseph Puchner: Research in the United Kingdom as a Junior Visiting Fellow at the Queen Mary University of London for the Summer 2018 term

Tristan Sechrest: Research in Germany

Tiffany Thompson: Research in the United Kingdom

Harry Whomersely: Research in the United Kingdom

Brandon Allen: Research in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, as a Visiting Researcher at the University of Amsterdam for the Fall 2017 semester.

Lara France: Research in France

Sarah Roth: Research in California, Kansas, and Maryland

Katie Shine: Research in Italy

Jackson Allison: Research in California on German economic history

Fan Cheng: Research in Arkansas on German-Chinese relations

Alexandro Pedraza: Research in Spain on the relationship between Spain and Morroco

Holly Porrino: Research in France on French cultural history

Farrah Madanay: Research in Germany on the 1980 Gesundheitstag conference

Vinicius Bivar Marra Pereira: Research in Germany on German-Brazilian relations between 1938 and 1942

Anne Schult: Research in Germany and France on the effect of immigration on national identity, as an exchange student at Sciences Po, Paris, for the Fall semester.

Jarrett Moran: Research in Britain on John Ruskin’s political economy

Vanessa Johnston: Research in Berlin on the New Woman/Modern Girl in Weimar Germany

Boyd van Dijk: Research in Amsterdam and The Hague on the history of human rights in the Netherlands