Pre-Approved Courses

The table below lists most graduate courses at Columbia related to modern Europe (4000-level and higher). The current list is for: Fall 2019. Please note that the details are subject to change.

Courses marked ** require prior approval from the MA Faculty Advisor and a final project on a topic pertaining to Europe. 3000-level History courses should be taken as a section of HIST G6999 when possible. Cross-school registration may be restricted in some cases; consult with the school offering the course.

If you would like to take a course not listed below, please contact the MA Faculty Advisor for approval.

Please consult the Directory of Classes or Vergil for the call number to use when registering.

This list also applies for SIPA students who are pursing the Europe Regional Specialization.

Pre-Approved Courses: Fall 2019

*Updated September 6, 2019 - Newly approved courses will be added at the bottom of the table. We encourage you to sort by table header.