Kimberly Marten

Kimberly Marten

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Spring 2021

  • Russia and the West (4 credits)
    Political Science GU4875
    Exploration of Russias ambiguous relationship with the Western world. Cultural, philosophical, and historical explanations will be examined alongside theories of domestic political economy and international relations, to gain an understanding of current events. Select cases from the Tsarist, Soviet, and recent periods will be compared and contrasted, to see if patterns emerge

Fall 2020

  • International Politics (4 credits)
    Political Science UN1601

    Lecture and discussion. The basic setting and dynamics of international politics, with emphasis on enduring impulses and processes.

  • Independent Study (0-4 credits)
    Political Science BC3799 

    Students who wish to do an independent study project (I.S.P.), should speak with a Political Science faculty member willing to serve as sponsor, then fill out a Request for Approval of Credit for Independent Study (see Registrars link below) and obtain signatures from the sponsor and from our Department Chair. File this form with the Committee on Programs and Academic Standing, which must approve all requests. (It must be filed with the C.P.A.S. well before the Registrars program-filing deadline for the semester of the I.S.P.) Note that no credit is given for an internship or job experience in or by itself, but credit is given for an academic research paper written in conjunction with an internship, subject to the procedures outlined above. The internship and the I.S.P. can be in the same semester, or you may do the I.S.P. in the semester following the internship. A project approved for three or four points counts as an elective course for the purpose of the ten-course major or five-course minor requirement. No more than two such three- or four-point projects may be used for the major, and no more than one for the minor. An independent study project may not be used to satisfy either the colloquium or senior seminar requirement. Each instructor is limited to sponsoring one independent study project per semester. 

  • Independent Res & Research I (0-6 credits)
    Political Science UN3901


Kimberly Marten is the Ann Whitney Olin Professor of Political Science at Barnard College, and a faculty member of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University. She directs the Program on U.S.-Russia Relations at Columbia's Harriman Institute, and is a member of Columbia's Saltzman Institute of War and Peace Studies, PONARS-Eurasia, and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).Her most recent previous project analyzed the politics of warlords, asking how their patronage networks impact sovereignty and state failure. 


  • PhD, Stanford
  • BA, Harvard

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  • International Politics
  • Russia and the West
  • Colloquium on Political Violence and Terrorism
  • Colloquium on International Security
  • Colloquium on State Failure, Warlords and Pirates