Current MA Students

Students in the European History, Politics, and Society MA design their own program of study, around interests ranging from politics and international relations to history, literature, and the arts. Information on the program can be found on the About the Program page.


Brandon Allen
BA - University of Virginia, 2016
Research interests: Modern European and Russian history, Russian and Eastern European literature, and international law

Mitul Arora
BA - University of California-Berkeley, 2015
Research interests: Nineteenth, early Twentieth Century Great Power Diplomacy, especially with regards to France, and Economic History

Melissa Bosem
BA-University of Chicago, 2017
Research Interests: Ukraine, Balkans and Baltics, history and politics

Daniel Castro
BA - Rutgers University, 2016
Research interests: Germany and Spain in the interwar

Jerry Christodoulatos
BA - Villanova University, 2015
Research interests: Political extremism in contemporary Greece

Ryan Conley
BA-University of Maryland-College Park, 2005
Research Interests: East-West relations, international security, NATO

Joseph Dammann
BA - Union College Schenectady, 2012
Research interests: Franco-German Relations, German Unification, Russian Influence on the West

Alexander DiLeo
BA - SUNY College at Fredonia, 2013
Research interests: Western and Southern Europe, imperialism

Ryan Eavenson
MA - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2015
BA - Lafayette College, 2010

Research interests: Eastern Europe

Lara France
BA - University of California, Davis, 2016
Research interests: Gender and International Relations/History

Ahmet Goksun
BA - Bogazici University
Research interests: History, Ottoman and Turkish foreign relations

Marisa Henderson
BA - Purdue University-Calumet, 2014
Research Interests: France, immigration, citizenship, post-colonization politics, empire

Meyer Horne
BA - University of Chicago, 2017
Research Interests: European black identity, modern protests

Angela Kun-Gazda
BA - Hunter College, 2015
Research interests: History of science in Europe

Kevin Lavery
BA - Gettysburg College, 2016
Research Interests: British Empire, conflict in the early 20th century

Joseph Puchner
BA University of Dallas, 2017
Research Interests: Nationalism, European integration, Spanish regionalism

Sarah Roth
BA - Columbia University, 2016
Research interests: The Cold War and international relations

Tristan Sechrest
BA Yale University, 2015
Research Interests: Germany and central Europe

Katie Shine
BA - University of Delaware, 2013
Research interests: WWI and Interwar, Political Science/History

Stephanie Sonkin
BA - American University, 2014
Research interests: International Studies, Public Diplomacy

Robin Stark
BA - The Citadel, 2005
Research interests: Military strategy

Tiffany Thompson
BA University of California-Irvine, 2016
Research interests: Women's history, 1968 in Northern Ireland, social movements

Harry Whomersley
BA University of Cambridge-2012
Research interests: Britain, France, and Europe in the 19th century

Yueren (Leren) Zhu
BA Zhejiang University-2017
Research interests: Jewish life in post-war Germany and Holocaust remembrance